Today is a special day!

Special enough to dedicate an entire blog post to Tim’s 27th birthday.

So without further ado…

Happy Birthday to…

…my partner in crime...

…the guy that makes me laugh more than anyone…

…my counterpart in the kitchen…

…the person that is always thinking of little ways to make me happy…

…and to my support system & best friend.

I love you, Tim!  Happy Birthday!

(Bet you guys have never heard me get so cheesy, huh!?)

Sidenote:  Tim is now in his UPPER twenties, and I’m not.  At least not for 4 more months so I need to get in as many “you’re old” jokes while I can!

In honor of the big two seven, Tim and I took a vacation day and are off to have a birthday adventure day of fun!  I have a few different activities up my sleeve, so I’ll catch you guys later with some fun updates I’m sure.

Enjoy the day!

  1. Uncle Danny@ Twists and Shout says:

    Happy Birthday Tim, …another Aries….hmmm I knew there was a reason I liked you! However, just wondering, who are you really with in that shadow picture? Can’t be Athena, looks too tall and too heavy, and both of Athena’s arms are the same length…so who could it be? Enjoy the day!

  2. Happy Birthday, Tim! Have a great day enjoying the adventures, what a beautiful day to get out and have fun. Love all the pictures!

  3. Chuck Karalekas says:

    Happy Birthday Tim! Hope you had a great day, while I was getting blasted in the dental chair! lol. Anyways, I am sure Athena planned some great activities for they guy that means the world to her.

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