1. I usually think about how I’ll feel AFTER a workout! Also, I have to be careful to not be too hard on myself about taking rest days… I often find myself going sometimes 15 days in a row with no break (without even knowing it!), so if I really, really don’t want to workout, I don’t… but if I’m just being lazy, then I’ll usually do a lot of the same things you listed above! yesterday, however, mentally I wanted to workout and workout hard (my fav kickboxing class at the gym is on Thursdays), but when i was there, my body wasn’t having it… I stayed for the whole class, but instead of my heartrate at 170-180, it stayed around 145, but I was ok with that!

  2. There are just a few days a year, where I dress for the gym, I drive there, I walk in, I check-in, and then I leave. haha just some days you can’t do it haha.

  3. On days I don’t feel like working out in the FUTURE, I will be bookmarking this page for motivation :) Thanks!!

  4. It’s a bit sappy, but a lot of my motivation is you. When you ask how things are going, I want to have something good to say!

    And Jamie checking in to make sure I’m going to class helps make sure I don’t bail.

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