Knees to CHEST!

Because it’s Friday, and I’m in the mood for something different, I’d like to talk about one of my biggest pet peeves.

Let me introduce you to….

The Slow Walker.

I seriously want to shove people who walk at the speed of a snail.  Does that mean I have anger problems?!

I don’t consider myself an extremely fast walker.  Definitely faster than most, but cannot stand people who just move so freaking slowly to their non-pressing engagements while I clearly am RIGHT behind them.  Don’t they sense me walking up their ass?  Wouldn’t they think to step ASIDE since I’m pretty much breathing fiery rage down their necks?!

I would say this happens to me at least once a day when I’m in the office.  Usually when I’m on the way down to the kitchen / café on the second floor from where I sit on the third floor.  Usually on the way back, when my stomach is rumbling and I’m now HANGRY because all I want to do is eat my lunch, but I CAN’T because I’m stuck behind the Guinness book’s slowest person in the world having a conversation about God knows what.  Sorry co-workers, but you’ve GOT to pick up the pace.  It does help to move a little…

Don’t even get me started on the mall.  Or the grocery store.  Or the airport.  Don’t these people get my mental vibes that I’m considering injury by shopping bag and/or shopping cart and/or suitcase if they don’t hurry up or get out of the way!?

I also hate slow walkers that I mistakenly let cross the street while I’m driving.

I should not have to sit at a mock 10 minute red light while Slow McGee meanders across the road like they have all the time in the world!  #instantregret.

What will it take to get these people moving?  Should I yell “FIYAHH” at them next time?  I seriously just don’t get it.

Anyone else share in my sidewalk rage?!

I’ll be back later on with some more randomness.  Happy Friday!