It’s that time of year again!

Start of Race 2

On October 18th, I will be running in the OAKtoberfest 5K race in Brighton. This has become an annual tradition for me and my family, and it’s hosted by the Oak Square YMCA where I teach fitness classes part time. This is a great race: the worst hill is over by end of the first mile, it’s during the perfect season for outdoor running, and participating in the event is a great way to support the community I’ve grown to love so much.

OAKtoberfest: Family

Last year I created a Fitness & Feta team, and this year I’m bringing it back! Want in? The Oak Square Y is offering four free race entries to four lucky F&F readers. For a chance to win, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me about a healthy habit you are working on this fall. For an extra entry into the giveaway, just share this post on the social media channel of your choice. Make sure to tag me @fitnessandfeta, and make sure to leave me a second comment telling me you did so.

Please note that this race is open to walkers, runners, and wheelers. Number pick up begins at 8:30, and the race will kick off at 10:00am. After the race, there will be an after party with free food from ten different local restaurants and live music. For more details, click here.

I’ll announce the giveaway winners on Friday. For anyone who doesn’t win, I will also provide $5 discount codes via my team captain referral link on Friday as well.

Hope you guys will join me, it’s going to be fun!

  1. I’ve been taking classes at the Oak Square Y for the last few years, trying to exercise regularly and create healthy habits. I’m currently enrolled in the weight loss challenge class and would love to run/walk the 5k to see if I can.

  2. While my weight, BMI and general fitness are currently better than they’ve ever been, at my last checkup, I found out that my blood pressure is up dramatically since last summer. In fact, my PCP has me checking it randomly throughout the day to see what kinds of triggers are impacting it (since it’s pretty clearly stress-related). I’m focusing on two habits this fall to try to bring things around:

    1. Not bringing work home with me. If it can’t get done in the office, it’s not getting done at home. I don’t need to carry stress in the door with me every night.
    2. Improving my sleep habits. Sleep has gone in the tank for me this year, for a number of reasons. I’ve been consistently waking up at 3:30-4 a.m., and not getting back to sleep enough to count. To try to balance it out, I’m legitimately trying to get to bed an hour earlier than I usually do.

    • Monique Tagliavia says:

      Hi, I was 194.7lbs on the day I was served divorce papers on April 2, 2015 I have focused on me, my health and running, I currently weighed in at 149.3 lbs. I have found happiness in feeling alive,healthy and free.

  3. Georgia Karalekas says:

    I am working on changing my fitness routines, from adding in running, to alternating my classes more, and including a rest day. I am also trying to get more sleep! @fitnessandfeta

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