Doing something a little different and fun on the blog today. Enjoy!

Ten Things I Learned in Aruba 

1. I really like ceviche and plantains. Like… really, really like.

Aruba Honeymoon: Ceviche and Plantains

2. Appetizers are best served in trio form.

Aruba Honeymoon: Calamari Three WaysCalamari three ways ^

Aruba Honeymoon: Tuna Three WaysTuna three ways ^

3. Being hangry is possible even on the happiest of islands. Tim still loves me. Phew.

Aruba Honeymoon: OranjestadPost hanger meltdown! ^

4. Off roading in the desert is a great way to determine potential marriage success. We are going to make it. See also: #3.

Aruba Honeymoon: UTV Tour

5. It is actually possible for my husband to get a tan.

Aruba Honeymoon: Sunscreen#IsThisRealLife

6. The scariest part of rope swinging is stepping out to the ledge to grab the rope swing.

Aruba Honeymoon: Rope Swinging#HateOpenEdges

7. In Aruba, there is no such thing as a good hair day. I learned that within five minutes.

Aruba Honeymoon: Gold Mine Ruins

8. Calling somebody a dushi is not an insult. It means sweetheart!

Aruba Honeymoon: Papiamento Lesson

9. Riesling actually doesn’t suck! I guess when you’re thirty and not drinking the cheapest bottle possible, it makes a difference. Trina, take note.

Aruba Honeymoon: Riesling at Carte Blanche

10. Tim will always, ALWAYS find a way to Timstigate befriend the rowdiest group of people within a five mile radius.

Aruba Honeymoon: Tim and New Friends#Romantic

Readers, let’s chat! Comment on one of the ten things. 

Off to work and then NBGNO tonight! Hope to see some familiar faces there.

  1. fun post! Looks like a great vacation- here are my comments:
    -Love the idea of apps 3 ways!
    -Hanger meltdowns are NEVER fun, but it’s funny to laugh back at yourself after you’ve been fed 🙂
    -I agree with your Riesling comment!! That and Pinot Grigio- never drank them before but enjoy good ones now.

    • Me too! Aruba had them with everything, and in many forms. I don’t even have a favorite way that plantains can be prepared because they were all amazing!

  2. So so so funny!
    1. Hanger is real thing and you know you’re with a real man when he understands.
    2. I lost my boyfriend day 1 in St. Thomas to the rowdiest group of boys at the bar.
    3. Think they’ll have Resiling at NBGNO tonight?!?!???
    See you soon!

    • haha! Tim and I had to have a talk one time because of how many weddings we went to that I lost him at because of all the new friends he was making. We’re talking about disappearing for an hour plus here for cigars with in laws!

      Great to see you last night!

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