2016 Holiday Hustle Challenge

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I have to say, I loved that this challenge has really gotten so many people to open up and share both struggles and triumphs, as well as ideas and tips! What an amazing group of women! It is eye opening to see that we all struggle with something, whether it be body-image or getting enough water or miles or sleep. Everyone has something to work on and everyone has something to offer. I have enjoyed this month and seeing all the motivation and positivity!”

What is the Holiday Hustle Challenge about?

THRIVING during the holidays!

This challenge is about fun, consistency, community, small things we can do for ourselves and for our health, focusing on how we feel instead of how we look, making connections, kindness, getting out of our comfort zones, living in the moment, and prioritizing self-care instead of getting caught up in the hustle of the season. It’s about starting 2017 a little healthier, but more importantly, with the right mindset because of consistent and positive choices we’ve made for ourselves in December.

What ISN’T the Holiday Hustle Challenge about?

SURVIVING the holidays!

This challenge is NOT about comparing ourselves to others, obsessing about food or fitness, the numbers on the scale, beating ourselves up, negativity, stressing about whether we’re doing things the right way, putting too much pressure on ourselves, and just trying to get by. It’s not about starting 2017 frustrated with ourselves and feeling down about all the things we didn’t do in December, it’s about focusing on the things we DID do for ourselves through the holiday season.

When will the Holiday Hustle Challenge take place?

The challenge will run for the month of December from Thursday 12/1 through Saturday 12/31. Participants can join at any time via this link.

I must say this has been one of the best challenges I have been a part of! I loved checking in daily and seeing everyone’s honest posts! This group is incredible — everyone showed so much motivation, inspiration, and dedication! It’s great how it connected a variety of people unfamiliar with one another. Everyone opened up and shared strengths, weakness, helpful tips, and much more! It’s been a great 5 weeks! Truly inspired!”

How does the Holiday Hustle Challenge work?

Every Monday, a mindset email will be sent to all Holiday Hustle Challenge participants. The rest of the challenge will take place right in Athena’s Achieve It Crew, a closed Facebook community for participants to connect with each other in a safe place for motivation and support.

There will be suggested workouts posted via video in the Facebook group each week. Each workout will be twenty minutes or less and require minimal equipment so we can do them at home or while traveling. Efficient and effective is the name of the game!

There will also be a suggested check in topic of the day for every day the challenge runs. Check ins can be the day’s suggested topic, but they don’t have to be! This challenge is meant for us to discover what thriving through the holiday hustle means to us as individuals. This will look different from person to person, just like wellness in general does! For this reason, the suggested topics will be vague on purpose to allow for creativity and #stressfreefitness. That said, check ins can be about ANY healthy choices we make throughout each day, no matter how big or small. There is no right or wrong and absolutely zero judgment.

Everyone is encouraged to check in by posting in the Facebook group, but check ins on our personal Instagram and Twitter pages are also highly encouraged using #BeatTheHolidayHustle and #ThrivingAllTheWay so others can see what we’re up to!

Will there be prizes? 

Yes! Prizes from the following challenge sponsors will be given away to one winner each week:

Winners will be selected based on social media engagement, both in the Facebook group and on Instagram/Twitter. Winners will not be selected based on the most amount of check ins or being the best at something, but they’ll be chosen based on creative posts, showing self compassion, and truly encouraging and interacting with others. Basically, those embodying the #BeatTheHolidayHustle and #ThrivingAllTheWay message will be selected!

There will also be one grand prize opportunity to win a free entry into Wellness Your Way, a brand spankin’ new group coaching program launching in January. All participants, regardless of whether the recipient of a weekly prize or not, will receive early access and a discounted price into Wellness Your Way.

Thank you Athena, for creating our holiday hustle group! It has been wonderful motivation and so inspirational for me, especially during a hectic and stressful season. I am looking forward to carrying these thoughts and new ideas into the New Year.”


The Holiday Hustle Challenge is a FREE four-week challenge designed to help each of us focus on self-care, slowing down, and overall wellness during the holiday season. There’s nothing to lose, except the excess stress and baggage that comes with this time of year. Want in? Sign up here

Upon signing up, you will be sent to a thank you page where you will be directed to confirm your opt in to the challenge. You will receive an initial email asking you to confirm your email address (if you don’t receive it, please check your spam!). Once you confirm, your welcome email should arrive immediately, and it will contain all the details and information you’ll need to get started. Questions? Email info@achievewithathena.com.