Energy balls are pretty much the perfect snack, don’t you think? Today I’m sharing one of my favorite energy ball recipes with you guys. It only requires four ingredients, and you can whip up an entire batch in less than ten minutes!

No Bake Coconut Date Energy Balls

Makes 12-16 bites
  • 2 cups dates, pitted and roughly chopped
  • 1/4 cup raw walnuts
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut + extra for optional coating

Add the dates to the bowl of a food processor, and pulse until a thick paste forms. Add the walnuts, vanilla extract, and the 1/4 cup of coconut. Pulse again until the four ingredients are well combined and again create a thick paste. Transfer the mixture into a bowl, and then roll into balls about 1 inch thick. If coating with extra coconut, put about another 1/4 cup of the shredded coconut into a small bowl, and roll in the coconut until coated to your liking.

No Bake Coconut Date Energy Balls

I like to have these coconut date balls with a piece of fruit as a pre-workout snack. I find they fuel my workouts well and keep me pretty satiated. They are also a great snack in the afternoon when a craving for something sweet kicks in. These are perfect for busy people on the go because they are so quick to prep ahead of time and are very portable/transportable. Plus, not having to turn on the oven to whip up a batch is an added bonus, especially during the hot summer months.

No Bake Coconut Date Energy Balls

When it comes to energy balls, there are a million different flavor combinations you can use to customize the ingredients to your personal taste, so definitely play with different mix ins. The options are endless: oats, nuts, seeds, nut and seed butters, dried fruit, chocolate chips, sweeteners like maple and honey, and more.


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