Cardio Clarity Challenge

Have you ever wondered if it’s ACTUALLY possible to get a good enough workout in only twenty minutes or less? 



You hear trainers talking about it all the time: “You don’t need to spend hours in the gym to get results.”



But despite hearing it over and over, you STILL have trouble believing it! 


You think that in order to build muscle, you need to be in the weight room for over an hour. You think that in order to lose fat, you need to become a runner. You think that in order to tone up, you need to do both.



You know that twenty minutes or less is possible. You see others doing it all the time. You actually love the sound of it and often wonder how many extra things you could get done with all that extra time back in your day… 



But for some reason, you still find yourself cranking away on that machine. Taking hour-long spin classes and THEN lifting. Running on the treadmill for 30 minutes BEFORE bootcamp. Never missing a day! 



You’re sore. You’re tired. You’re constantly hungry. But the thought of not doing “enough” makes you feel incredibly guilty, so you push yourself anyways. 



I get it. Years ago, I’d spend hours on that machine too. Some days I’d actually work out twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, with my workday sandwiched in between the two. I’d take any class that I could fit into my schedule, and on top of the double classes I’d go for a run. 



Finally, a day came around where I told myself, enough is enough. I had to just TRY this 20 minute thing that I kept hearing so much about.



Was I scared? Heck, yeah.



I feared I would gain weight.



I feared I wasn’t going to be doing enough. That I’d be cheating. 



But, I had to give it a try, and so I TRUSTED that I wouldn’t blow up overnight, and I went for it.



You may be surprised at what happened next:




I lost fat, I completely leaned out, and I quickly realized that there was some sort of magic behind quick n dirty workouts. I want to help you realize the same.



In fact, I plan to show you exactly how it IS possible to feel amazing without spending hours in the gym.


I am super excited to introduce my
FREE 5-day Cardio Clarity Challenge!


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It will all start on Monday, June 5th when my #AchieveItCrew and I commit to exercising for less than 20 minutes per day for five days.



Over the course of the five days, I will be emailing you workouts that can literally be done anytime, anywhere. 



And as a bonus, along with the daily workout challenge, there will be a daily discussion taking place right in my free Facebook community, Empowered Together in Strength.



We’ll have a different theme for each day, and I’ll be sharing the exact steps I took to end my crazy workout ways and get not only my life back, but a healthier and more toned body too. It’s a win win! 


  • >> Day 1: Your Cardio Mindset Revealed || We’re going to get honest and talk about the REAL reasons people overdo cardio in the first place. I am going to tell you not only what you need to start working on to shift your gym mentality, but exactly HOW to do it so it feels possible! 


  • >> Day 2: Cardio in Balance || On day two, we dive in to what healthy cardio ACTUALLY looks like. I’ll give you the rundown on how you actually could be hurting your hormones, energy, cravings, and more with your current routine. 


  • >> Day 3: Conquer Your Conditioning || Here’s where we get to chat about all the fun ways you can cut the dreadmill out all together! You’ll finally understand terms like interval training, HIIT, metcon, and more so you can start confidently incorporating these types of conditioning into your routine right away.


  • >> Day 4: The Missing Link || Day four is all about rest and recovery: why it’s important, why you aren’t doing enough of it, and how it’s affecting your results. I’ll go over my exact 5S strategy for listening to your body and determining whether to take a rest day or not… without the guilt! 


  • >> Day 5: Cardio on the Move || Finally, on day five we will talk about how even the busiest of busy people can get their cardio in. We’ll talk about five-ten minute options that will keep your body burning calories all day long! 


Look, we all know summer is right around the corner. Your kids will be out of school, you’ll have your trips and time away, and your evenings will be sunnier. 



It’s hard to want to spend ANY time inside a gym, nevermind 60+ minutes, when the weather is nice and all we want to do is hit the beach or enjoy a glass of rose on an outdoor patio, amiright? 



Your summer fitness doesn’t have to be zero minutes or a dreadful two hours. There is another way. Join Cardio Clarity and let me guide you through your summer solution to staying fit… without all that time



No ellipticals. No treadmills. In fact, you don’t even need any weights for this one! And most importantly, no more GUILT! 


Just efficient, effective, and ENJOYABLE workouts along with FINALLY believing that yes, TWENTY MINUTES COUNTS!


Are you in?!


Yes, I want to sign up for the
Cardio Clarity Challenge today!