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Do you want to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible?


Do you want to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible… without spending an arm and a leg on takeout and going out to eat all the time?


Do you want to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible… and still have nutritious food on hand for your healthy eating goals? 


Then you won’t want to miss out on Conquer the Kitchen Academy!


Starts Tuesday 2/28!

When it comes to saving time in the kitchen, many people automatically think about things like thirty minute meals, one bowl dishes, and recipes that require minimal ingredients. While these are all certainly appropriate things to consider, what people often DON’T think about are the tips and tricks that might seem small but really can make all the difference in efficiency. 


I call these kitchen hacks!


Kitchen hacks are small tricks that can be applied to your meal prep process that will help you save time, save money, and be less wasteful.


Think about it: if you have a vegetable that normally takes you three minutes to cup up, and you learn a new trick that allows you to do it in 90 seconds, that’s a lot of time saved when you add up 90 seconds here, two minutes there, etc. 


And that’s what Conquer the Kitchen Academy is all about! 


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How it Works:

  • —-> First, you’ll get seven days worth of live cooking videos. In these demos, I will be teaching you my absolute favorite go to kitchen hack basics.


  • —-> Second, you will get access to me for ANY questions you might have relating to nutrition, efficiency in the kitchen, or your own process/techniques. Consider this one week of FREE coaching/support with me!


  • —-> Third, you’ll also receive a copy of the Conquer the Kitchen Workbook, the companion guide to all the video content provided during the 7 day series.

Hi, I’m Athena, founder of Achieve with Athena and creator of Conquer the Kitchen Academy. 


And I have a confession: I actually enjoy spending time in the kitchen.


But it hasn’t always been this way.


I actually used to DREAD cooking, and it’s because 1) I never really learned any cooking basics when I was young, and 2) I never really tried to learn until I was in my mid-twenties. 


Being inexperienced in the kitchen = a lack of confidence in the kitchen.


I remember every weekend I would say to myself, “okay, this is the week I’m going to make a meal plan and get to the store and eat healthy with all my prepped food!”


Then I’d sit down to look up what recipes I wanted to make, and one would call for a half a yellow onion sliced up, and my initial thought would be “umm okay… but how do I slice up an onion?”


Don’t laugh, I seriously didn’t know how! 


Then I’d look up another recipe that called for kale. Of course I could handle making a salad, it didn’t even require the oven! In the directions, the recipe would tell me to massage kale. WTF? Food can be MASSAGED?


I actually used to feel really embarrassed that I didn’t know how to do these seemingly super simple cooking tasks like slicing up the damn onions, mincing garlic, and don’t even get me started on arm wrestling a butternut squash!


And when I *did* try to conquer these things, it took forever because of the unfamiliarity. I just wanted to give up and order take out or cook pasta because they felt easier. But those actions weren’t in line with my nutrition goals! 


Any time food came up as a topic of conversation with friends and family, I would simply laugh it off and say, “Oh, I don’t cook” or “I can’t cook,” but in reality, I was kind of choosing NOT to cook. Which is totally fine if that’s your thing and you can afford to order out often, buy all the pre-chopped stuff, or have someone cook for you, but those weren’t my circumstances. ! 


When I met my husband (who 100% missed his calling as a chef by the way), he totally called me out on my bullshit. 
“You CAN cook,” I remember him telling me one night.



“You just need to give yourself more than one try to learn how.”


Well, cue the temper tantrum! I hated needing more than one try to learn (#recoveringperfectionist), and I hated that Tim was right (#stilldo). But he honestly helped me realize that my whole “Oh, I don’t/can’t cook” attitude was just a story I was telling myself. The reality was, I most certainly cook cook, if I would just get out of my own way and let myself try. 

I created Conquer the Kitchen Academy because I recently realized that so many of my coaching clients and #AchieveItCrew community members struggle with the very same things I used to. They just don’t know what to do!

And I want to be able to teach people what I needed someone to teach me back in the day: the freaking basics!

If you are ready to get back to basics, learn some *super simple* skills that will save you some serious cooking time, help increase your confidence in the kitchen, and get you *that* much closer to your healthy eating goals, then add your name and email here to grab your spot in Conquer Your Kitchen Academy. 



Conquer the Kitchen Academy kicks off on Tuesday, February 28th!


And it’s 100% FREE!



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