I love food. I love making it and then taking pictures of it. I love reading about it.

And I especially love eating it.


My fiance Tim and I are self proclaimed foodies (read: food snobs). We love trying new restaurants around Boston, and our favorite types of places are cozy with a small menu, preferably farm to table. A killer craft beer list or a wine bar is an added bonus. The two of us participate in a community supported agriculture program at work, and we actually enjoy grocery shopping. We’re always sending each other recipes, and many of our Sundays are spent in the kitchen prepping food for the week ahead. It’s a great way to spend quality time together! Tim is the better cook and wants to own his own food truck someday, and I am the better baker, but that makes for a great team. Without Tim’s help, there’s no way I could maintain the food portion of this blog or make as many delicious meals as you see me posting on social media.


Most of what we cook and eat is made with fresh, whole, and unprocessed ingredients. Tim and I believe that how we fuel our bodies truly affects how we feel, how we perform at work, and what we’re able to accomplish in the gym. It’s for these reasons we try to eat as nutritiously as possible, not because we’re trying to lose weight or because we’re depriving ourselves.

Our food philosophy? Nutrition is about nourishing our bodies with real, whole foods so that we consistently feel satisfied and energized to live our lives to the fullest. 

We don’t believe that nutrition should be about counting calories or the number on the scale. Our favorite diet is actually no diet, and we don’t identify ourselves with any one type of eating. Some days we eat vegetarian, while other days we crave red meat. Some days we eat gluten free or Paleo, but other days we like to eat a piece of cake, munch on chips and salsa, or enjoy pizza that’s not made with an alternative crust.

The two of us simply like to find new ingredients to cook with and experiment with healthier swaps to fuel ourselves appropriately. And most of all, we enjoy eating food – without guilt – while in the presence of good company and a bottle of wine. Does it get any better than that?!

  1. This is so important! Rules and dieting are counter productive. It’s all about developing a good relationship with food and understanding what nourishes your individuals body. Great philosophy!

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