Master Your Meal Prep is a 7 week email course designed to help you find an efficient way of food prepping that fits your lifestyle and schedule, no matter how busy you are

As a fitness coach, trainer, and blogger, it’s inevitable that nutrition is a topic that often comes up not only during sessions with my clients, but in conversations with family and friends as well. I am asked aalllll the time about the food I eat and the tips I recommend to make healthy eating easier for people. One strategy that I’m a huge advocate of and talk about often is meal prep!

Setting aside time to prep meals and/or snacks for my week 100% plays a big part in my ability to make good food choices. 

Master Your Meal Prep is the culmination of YEARS of clients, family, friends, and blog followers saying things to me like:

  • “Your food looks amazing, I wish I could do that, but I don’t have time.”
  • “Wow, you are so organized. Could you come over to my house and do that for me?”
  • “I would love to food prep, but I just don’t know where to start.”
  • “I tried meal prepping once, but I got so overwhelmed that I quit doing it after a week.”

Although I’m a big fan of using meal prep as a way to stay on track with my nutrition, what I’m NOT a big fan of is letting the meal planning and prepping process take over my life. And that’s the piece that people most often miss: it doesn’t have to.

Master Your Meal Prep is the solution I created to help teach people that there is no right or wrong when it comes to food prep, and that it can actually be quite simple if you let it be. Prep for only five minutes? Yes, that’s allowed. Prep on a Wednesday? Yes, that’s allowed. The education consists of seven weeks’ worth of emails delivered right to your inbox. You’ll get all my best meal prep tools, insights, and strategies in one place, with one goal in mind: to help meal prep become something that makes your life EASIER! Consider the improved nutrition that comes along with it as an added bonus. 🙂

What topics are covered in the program?

  • A guide for pinpointing your nutritional struggles and how to use meal prep to solve them.
  • An overview of the different types of food prep and how to figure out which kind is right for your lifestyle and preferences.
  • A guide to meal planning basics, including how to effectively assess your week and fridge.
  • A guide to pantry staples so you can get started with a well stocked kitchen.
  • A collection of fifty kitchen hacks that will help you have more control over your time.
  • A discussion on storage tips, including how the freezer can become your best friend.
  • A list of kitchen tools and appliances conducive to meal prep and how they can simplify the process.
  • A list of tips for what to do with leftovers, including how to use the same ingredients multiple times throughout the week.
  • A conversation about staying sane and being okay with weeks where your prep is off.
  • Weekly themed recipe suggestions for breakfast, snacks, DIY, casseroles, crock pot, soups, more salads that don’t suck, and more! You’ll get over 100 new recipes by the end of the program!
  • More!!

How is this program delivered, and when will it run?

The 7-Week Master Your Meal Prep program is delivered via email. Upon purchase, you will be sent to a thank you page where you will be directed to confirm your opt in to the program. You will receive an initial email asking you to confirm your email address. Once you confirm, your welcome email should arrive immediately, and it will contain all the details and information you’ll need to get started.

During the seven consecutive weeks, you will receive two emails a week containing all the course content. You will also have access to a private Facebook group for sharing ideas, recipes, and encouragement with other program participants. Insights, tools, and discussion topics to complement the weekly emails will also be shared via the private Facebook page for additional inspiration.

Any questions about the program or issues you encounter upon purchase can be directed to me at

 Who is it for?

Master Your Meal Prep is a good fit if any of the following apply to you:

  • You don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen prepping food every week. The program will help you prioritize your prep time so it fits YOUR schedule and nutrition goals.
  • You feel overwhelmed with the concept of meal prep and don’t know where to begin. You’ll be provided with the right tools to get started with a few simple steps.
  • You struggle with nutrition and want a solution that doesn’t involve going on a diet.
    There’s no counting calories, weight loss pills, restriction, or deprivation over here.
  • You feel bored with your food and want new meal and snack ideas. You’ll be given dozens of simple and nutritious recipe suggestions to help you like how you eat again.
  • You want to be a part of an encouraging online community. Master Your Meal Prep will connect you with other like minded people so you can ask questions, share tips, post recipes, and more!

Who is it NOT for?

Master Your Meal Prep is NOT a good fit if you:

  • Want a customized meal plan. I will not be providing separate meal plans for each and every participant.
  • Want a program that tells them exactly what to eat. Master Your Meal Prep requires a more intuitive approach, and this intuitive approach is precisely WHY people will be successful on this program.
  • Want one on one nutrition or weight loss coaching. While I do offer thirty minute coaching calls at any time to anyone looking for a little extra support on their wellness journey, they are not included as a part of this program.
  • Aren’t ready to believe that they DO have time to meal prep. This program can help people who only have an extra fifteen minutes to spare. You just have to be willing to believe it and give something new a try.

What can you expect by the end of the program?

By the end of the seven week program, my goal for you is to be underway with establishing your own personal meal prep process.

After completing this program, you will be able to pinpoint a method of meal prep that can seamlessly integrate into your existing schedule and lifestyle. You’ll have learned to take the stress out of meal planning and food prepping, and you’ll be confidently equipped with an arsenal of strategies and tips for killing it in the kitchen. You’ll have simple and nutritious go to recipes at your disposal. You’ll realize that meal prep can truly help you improve your nutrition and allow you more consistency with your healthy eating goals.

How can I sign up?

Registration for the Fall 2016 session of this program is closed, but please add yourself to the wait list so you will be notified when the next round opens up. Add yourself here!

Questions? Email me at