Resolution Reset

A FREE 5-day fitness challenge to reignite your January motivation and fail-proof your goals so that you can become your healthiest self in 2018. 


How are those January fitness resolutions working out for you? 🤔


You hear it year after year.


Only 8% of people who make New Year’s resolutions actually stick with them.


But despite that, year after year, you swear that THIS will be THE YEAR that you don’t become a statistic. Nope, not you, not this time. This WILL be the year that you get to the gym! Lose the weight! Do aalllll the things! Have your best year YET! 


And year after year, you get stuck in the typical New Year’s cycle.


You set your goals. You make it two weeks, and you’re doing sooooo good. You’re basically a regular in the produce section of the grocery store, and you’re walking around the gym like you own the place. Nothing’s in your way! 


And then all of a sudden, life happens. You have one of those days when you just can’t follow through with your perfectly laid out plans. And soon enough, another day doesn’t go like it was supposed to. What the heck!


You feel frustrated that you’ve fallen short of your own expectations, and soon enough, the novelty of your goals starts wearing off. Your couch begins to feel a lot more enticing than the gym. You have a stressful day at work, and you say screw it to your grilled chicken salad. Instead, you find yourself standing in front of the pantry with your hand in a box of Oreos.


You start wondering what the heck is the point of all this health and fitness stuff anyways. The scale hasn’t even been moving! Plus you feel by the time 8pm rolls around every night, you’re so hungry you could eat everything in sight. Is this *really* how it has to be to get healthy? 


You throw in the towel, you spend the next 50 weeks of the year beating yourself up, and another year bites the dust. 


I don’t want you going down like this in 2018, so I’ve created a little something something to get your head back in the fitness game.


I am super excited to introduce my
FREE 5-day #ResolutionReset challenge!



#ResolutionReset will start on Monday, January 22nd. 


We’ll be committing to five days of working out together in a way that’s guaranteed to 1) spice up the workouts you started out doing at the beginning of the year but already feel bored with, and 2) decrease the time you need to dedicate to exercising in the first place


The workouts are short and sweet, but don’t be fooled — they are tough! These workouts follow the exact protocols I use with my clients who have literally changed the shape of their bodies and feel the fittest they’ve ever felt. All the workouts will be sent directly to your inbox with video tutorials to take all the guesswork out of them. 




Along with the daily workout challenge, there will be a daily live video training taking place right in my free Facebook community, The Legit Fit Lounge.


We’ll have a different theme for each day, and I’ll be sharing the exact steps you can take to revive those New Year’s resolutions that you’re juuuuuust about to give up on if you haven’t already and the specific tools you need to keep your momentum going through February when everyone else falls off the bandwagon and quits.


By the end of our five days together, you’ll know exactly what to focus on to get results, you’ll understand what gimmicks you’re buying into that could be the very things slowing your progress, and you’ll learn how to set more empowered goals you can actually achieve!




  • >> Day 1: Diet Culture Demystified || We’re going to get honest and talk about the REAL problems with the health and fitness industry, especially at this time of year. I am going to tell you what you need to be wary of so you don’t fall prey to any fads or gimmicks, and I’m also going to give you one simple mindset hack that you must make for lasting fat loss and fitness habits. 


  • >> Day 2: Show Your Goals Who’s Boss || On day two, we’ll dive in to the most common mistakes people make when setting health and wellness resolutions. I’m going to tell you the shockingly simple tweaks you need to make to your goals that you won’t believe are the solution to your long term fitness success. 


  • >> Day 3: Finding Your Fitness Clarity || Workout Wednesday will be all about WORKOUTS! We’ll talk all things fitness: what’s working best nowadays and what’s not. After day three, you’ll know exactly what you should DO versus what you should DITCH when it comes to exercise so you can make the very most of your time. 


  • >> Day 4: Simple and Sane Nutrition || Here’s where we get to talk about key habits you need to know if you want to be leaner and decrease your stress around food. We’ll have another DO versus DITCH discussion and cover the problem with counting calories, the carb debate, solutions for nighttime eating, and how you can feel in control around your food instead of the other way around. 


  • >> Day 5: Motivation Salvation || Finally, on day five, we’ll talk about everyone’s faaaavorite thing to complain about: motivation! I will give you my top secrets and your three essential must haves to keep working on your fitness goals when you just don’t wanna. 


We all know that it’s SO easy to look at our lives and say “THIS is what I want to be different this year” or “I would be so much happier if I just did THAT.” 


But we also know that the DOING is the hard part.


Getting started and taking that initial action is hard. Continuing to show up for ourselves and following through on the things we say we will do is even harder. And it’s because so many of us miss the crucial step of  making an effective plan for getting to where we want to be. Instead, we just shoot blindly and hope for the best.


This might surprise you, but I actually have quite the history with New Year’s resolutions. Oh yes. 


For years, I would make a huge list of all the things I wanted to do, and then I wouldn’t do ANY of them. LOL! In fact, here’s just a sampling of some of my past resolution failures:


❎ Go to yoga more often.
❎ Stop procrastinating. 
❎ Get six pack abs.
❎ Take more downtime for myself.
❎ Feel happier in my career. 
❎ Run more 5k races.
❎ Make more money.
❎ Get healthy (whatever that means). 


I would focus WAY too much on the big, lofty outcomes and rarely on the smaller milestones that would make my long term goal feel more manageable. I repeated past failures over and over again until a few years ago when I had a get real moment with myself. I saw that Albert Einstein quote about insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The timing of it was perfect, and it triggered me to hire a coach and enlist some assistance in figuring out how to go about reaching my goals in a more empowered way. 


In adulthood, we don’t necessarily have parents and teachers and mentors keeping us focused, guided, and on track with what we need to do to grow and change like we did when we were younger. This is why so many of us end up on the hamster wheel, getting nowhere closer to where we want to be, and just throwing our hands up. We lack the vision, the accountability, and the support. 


#ResolutionReset can help you with this, and I am so excited to help you reignite your January motivation so you can turn your goals into a reality. 


Setting resolutions is FINE, we just need to do them better.


So the choice is yours. You can join the #ResolutionReset, avoid resolution failure, and learn a new and more effective approach that will get you LASTING fitness results. OR you can be another New Year’s stat, and we’ll see you in the same place next January. 


Are you in?!


Yes, sign me up for #ResolutionReset!


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