Salads That Don’t Suck

I created my Salads That Don’t Suck guide because I am passionate about dispelling the myth that all healthy stuff has to be bland and boring. For me, actually LIKING how I eat is a non-negotiable and exactly how I am able to sustain my healthy eating habits and physique for the long-term. No straight up lettuce with lemon juice only over here!

salads that dont suck
Aside from the focus on liking how you eat, here’s what the guide also includes:

–> An overview of The Spruce Method, a model I developed that teaches six ways to enhance the satisfaction factor of your food choices.

–> A breakdown of the 4 essential components to building a better salad, along with multiple examples for each to inspire new ideas.

–> A section on simple nutritional considerations for portioning, fat loss, and more.

–> A recipe index showcasing TWELVE of my very favorite salad recipes + FOUR bonus related recipes.

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Hope you love this guide as much as I do!