How are you looking to achieve your fitness goals?

Group Fitness Classes

I teach a variety of group fitness classes in the Boston area, including total body conditioning, bootcamp, indoor cycling, and more. In each of my classes, I empower students to simply show up and give their best. I recognize that everyone’s fitness levels differ, and I challenge class members to get out of their personal comfort zones without comparison to others. My teaching style is very versatile, and I get creative each week to continuously switch things up and keep things fun for participants. Classes are dynamic, educational, and often include themed playlists! I love seeing new faces, so if you’d like to try a class with me, check out my current weekly teaching schedule

In Person Fitness Coaching

I currently offer both indoor and outdoor fitness coaching services. I say coaching instead of personal training because I will not just stand there and count reps for you. I provide individualized programs, hands on adjustments when necessary, and feedback that will help you achieve YOUR specific fitness goals, whether that be fat loss, increasing strength, or working around an injury. My indoor services are ideal for those interested in working in a gym setting or with access to a community space conducive to training. My outdoor options are geared toward those who do not have a gym membership or simply want something supplemental to an indoor routine. Sessions can be purchased one on one, with a partner, or with a small group. 

Online Fitness Coaching

Do you want to take all the guesswork out of your personalized fitness program? My online fitness coaching packages are appropriate for those individuals limited by time or distance, but still want someone to put the pieces together for them. This service is geared toward people already comfortable with form or execution on their own already, but perhaps are just looking to shake up their current routine. Supplemental coaching calls are also available for purchase to enhance your distance training experience. 

Worksite Wellness

Does your company have a corporate wellness program? With years of experience as a worksite wellness coordinator, I have a true understanding of the challenges that come with creating a meaningful culture of health in the workplace. I would love to work with your organization to get your staff not only healthier, but more energized, productive, and engaged! Whether you are looking for a corporate fitness class, a lunch and learn seminar or workshop, a Cube to 5k running program, or other services, I can help take your wellness program to the next level.

Community Events 

Are you a company or local organization looking to plan a wellness event in your community? Or perhaps you are looking for a local name to host, emcee, or make a guest appearance? Let me help you! I offer classes, speaking engagements, workshops, and more. I also have experience in planning health fairs, races, fundraisers, and theme events. 

If you are interested in working with me, please do not hesitate to contact me at to discuss availability, pricing, and other details.