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My goal is to help women cut through the noise and confusion surrounding health and fitness, and replace it with confidence and clarity.


I believe that constant self sabotage, yo-yo dieting, and the pressures of idealistic goals and perfectionism in the gym all need to be nixed. 


I know all too well where these tendencies lead: to failed wellness goals and New Year’s resolutions, feelings of “what the hell is wrong with me,” and the perpetual cycle of lose ten pounds and gain fifteen back. It’s the perfect set-up for failure and the reason why so many people remain confused and overwhelmed with their health.


Hi, I’m Athena, certified personal trainer and wellness coach, and owner and founder of Achieve with Athena.


My mission is to help people develop a positive relationship with food and fitness and realize that being healthy doesn’t have to be so hard. After working in the fitness and corporate wellness industry for over ten years, I’ve seen far too many rigid programs out there that simply don’t set us up for success.


I want to guide you toward an easier path.


You see, I spent years of my life trying to sort through all the noise and conflicting information surrounding diet and exercise. Anything that society said I should do to be my fittest self, I did. If there was a claim on the front of a fitness magazine, I fell for it: no carb everything, endless cardio, restricting “bad” foods, becoming a slave to the scale.


Nothing ever really worked. It was all on again off again, and nothing I tried ever really made me feel like my best self. I wasn’t confident. I didn’t feel healthy. I just felt tired… tired of trying so hard.


It wasn’t until I learned how to view wellness as more than just diet and exercise, and how to treat self-care and mindset as just as important pieces of the puzzle, that I was able to break out of my frustrations and find an easier way. 

Every January, I watch people struggle with the exact same thing I used to: weeding through all the different claims and promises of the health and wellness industry. I receive hundreds of emails from women asking for my help in figuring out their path. Every program claims to be the best. Every fitness philosophy says that their way works. Every diet promises you’ll lose weight, and fast. 


No wonder achieving a healthy lifestyle seems so complicated, overwhelming, and confusing. Where does one even begin? How do you know who to trust?


What if I told you that the person who has all the answers… is actually YOU?


I created #WellnessYourWay to help people start trusting themselves in prescribing their own path to wellness. In fact, I am so passionate about this work that I quit my corporate job last year to get back into a coaching setting, and I’ve helped dozens of women since then figure out the individual approach that best works for them.
Many of us all want the same end results. What we don’t realize is we just need different roads to get there.

Here’s what Wellness Your Way can help you do:

  • > Bring more ease and simplicity into your life || You’ll learn how to allow fitness and nutrition to enhance your life, not control it.
  • > Reduce stress || You’ll learn how to balance your time between personal, professional, and social obligations while still prioritizing YOUR wellness.
  • > Establish consistent fitness habits || You’ll learn how to get an effective workout without spending hours in the gym, as well as how to incorporate movement you LOVE into your routine.
  • > Develop a positive relationship with food || You’ll learn how to prevent nighttime eating, incorporate treats without the guilt, and eventually automate your eating so you don’t have to think about it so damn much.
  • > Come to peace with your body || You’ll learn how to use your body as a tool for success and figure out how to listen to what it’s telling you to drive your daily nutrition and fitness decisions.
  • > Overcome the comparison trap || How to recognize that you are an individual person with unique circumstances, and therefore your path to wellness will look different from somebody else’s.
  • > Feel less overall frustration || You’ll learn how to navigate unforeseen circumstances or life situations that come up without completely throwing in the towel and beating yourself up.
  • > Lose fat, increase your confidence, boost your energy, and more!

I’m 100% confident that after completing Wellness Your Way, you will have developed an arsenal of #stressfreefitness strategies that can be used forever, not just for the first few weeks of the year. 

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Athena has a unique coaching style that I find really works for me. You’ll never get a cookie cutter solution from Athena like you will from a lot of other coaches, and she shows her clients how a healthy lifestyle is possible for anyone. Be prepared though! Athena will challenge you and make you think outside the box. She’ll encourage you to find your own solutions, but she’s there to guide you every step of the way. For example, something I never thought I’d do was throw away my two scales. I had two because I didn’t trust that one gave me the “right” number. I was sooo fixated on that number that I would check my weight daily to see if anything changed, and if it didn’t go down I’d get upset. After working with Athena, I’ve realized that the way my clothes fit is a much better indicator as to how I’m doing. Athena has also helped me tremendously with dieting. I used to follow a strict diet, but the weight lost while on it would always come back after I stopped the diet. Athena has spent a lot of time coaching me on healthy eating versus dieting, and the results have been GREAT. I lost weight, AND I trust now that I can maintain that weight loss without stressing about every little thing I eat or drink. I am so thankful for the tools Athena has given me to successfully change my behavior and mindset.”
-Karina, Achieve with Athena coaching client 

What’s included in Wellness Your Way?

Starting on January 16th, we will work closely together for three months so you can establish a foundation of lasting health habits right off the bat in 2017. Here’s what you’ll get:
  • > 12 weeks of email education || Designed to help you weed through all the information overload that’s out there, explore the barriers that may be holding you back from achieving your goals, and develop your own #stressfreefitness solutions that can fit seamlessly into your current lifestyle.
  • > A detailed 12 week workout program || Includes fat loss friendly strength training AND cardio workouts, with video demonstrations and built-in weekly progressions, all that can be done in less than 30 minutes per day with minimal equipment.
  • > Daily access to me || Takes place in a private Facebook group for continued support, accountability, and on the fly troubleshooting for any challenges or obstacles that come up (because life happens, and they will!).
  • > 3 group coaching calls || For all Wellness Your Way members to connect with each other on a monthly basis in a more personal setting, celebrate wins, share struggles, and facilitate deeper progression through the program.
  • > Several live video check ins from me || To keep motivation high for the duration of the program , answer questions in real-time, and address any common themes that come up in the group.
  • > Workout adjustments and video form checks || As needed throughout the program.
  • >  Bonus recipes, pop up challenges, and more!

Registration for the Winter 2017 #WellnessYourWay program has closed, but you can join the waiting list here!

“I absolutely love working with Athena! Athena works with me to figure out what works best for ME, and she always energizes and motivates me for the week ahead. I’m often hard on myself, especially when I don’t reach my goals immediately. Athena helps me actually set achievable and meaningful action steps from week to week to set me on the right path. She helps me recognize the wins that I don’t always identify, and she helps me focus on ways I can improve. Since working with Athena, my mindset has definitely changed, and I’ve been able to incorporate more healthy day-to-day actions in my life!”
-Audra, Achieve with Athena coaching client

Wellness Your Way is a good fit for you if:

  • > You are ready for a lasting and sustainable wellness solution so you don’t have to jump from diet to diet and program to program anymore.
  • > You understand that fad diets and quick fixes do not work for the long haul, and you are ready, willing, and able to invest the time in yourself.
  • > You are sick of chasing the picture of perfection that society has created for us.
  • > You feel like you’ve hit a wall, are in a rut, or you’ve lost motivation somewhere along your fitness journey.
  • > You have the goals you want to reach in mind, and know what you need to do to get there, but you just need a little extra nudge in the right direction.

Wellness Your Way is NOT a good fit for you if:

  • > You want to be told exactly what to eat through a rigid meal plan.
  • > You want a strict workout regimen with no wiggle room whatsoever and want to spend all day in the gym.
  • > You want a quick fix solution and are not ready to put in the time or effort required for lasting change.
  • > You want dramatic and immediate weight loss.
  • > You are seeking the latest and greatest fitness fad instead of tried and true methods.
  • > You aren’t ready to level up and stay accountable to reach your goals.

That said, I am only accepting participants who are 100% all in, are excited, and are ready to commit to transforming their relationship with food, exercise, and most importantly, themselves

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“I can’t speak highly enough of how Athena has helped me refocus my values and my vision for what healthy means for me. I went into coaching with a basic understanding that “health” included more than diet and exercise, but she has helped me realize what other things in my life I really need to be healthy. She has been so non-judgmental throughout the entire process. I’ve changed my goals a few times, but she is always so supportive of that, and she always helps me see the connection to my desire for stability. Overall, coaching with Athena has been so grounding for me. I knew upon signing up that I didn’t need more stress in my life, and I was initially worried that having a coach would make me feel pressured and overwhelmed. Athena has never once made me feel like I wasn’t doing a good job or that my problems were too small. Instead, she helped me see ways to find peace and stability by helping me to realize that I already knew what I needed to feel healthier. I just needed someone to help me articulate it.”
-Alexis, Achieve with Athena coaching client 

Are you ready to prescribe your own path for 2017 and beyond? 

Wellness Your Way is the New Year’s program where YOU prescribe what works. There are no gimmicks, quick fixes, or shortcuts involved – just a simplified approach to building consistent fitness habits for the long haul. And I’ll be 100% in your corner as you start creating your personal blueprint for lasting results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a little hesitant about investing in a wellness program right now. Why should I buy this program over all the free fitness info that’s out there? 
Great question. There is most definitely a ton of health and wellness information floating around the Internet. But isn’t that precisely the problem? Who to trust and so much to weed through? The time spent trying to dissect through all the freebies is time that could be spent in the gym and working on YOU! Remember, quantity doesn’t equate to quality, and in my experience, it’s much easier to give up and not stick with something when you don’t have any skin in the game. When you invest in a quality coaching program, you are investing in YOURSELF, and when YOU are happier and healthier, that feeling will positively affect all other areas of your life: personal relationships, professional, etc. 


Why is your program three months when other programs promise results in two weeks or less? 
Anything that promises a quick fix or drastic and immediate results is not a sustainable solution. It would be a disservice on my end to sell you something that just flat out doesn’t work. I chose a three month program because it’s actually one of my favorite timeframes to see my clients at! As long as the work has been put in and commitment is there, three months is a long enough time to feel and see changes in yourself and your body, and it spurs excitement and readiness to keep going on the journey rather than give up. Things feel doable, not impossible! 


What if I’m doing another fitness program right now? Can I still participate?
Absolutely! While there are 12 weeks of workouts included in Wellness Your Way, you can train for your marathon, finish another strength training program, etc. and tuck the Wellness Your Way workouts into your back pocket for when you are ready to use them. That’s the beauty of this program: you can choose to do the workouts at your own pace! Wellness Your Way also includes more than just fitness, so there’s still a lot of benefit that comes with the rest of the curriculum, the community aspect, etc. 


I don’t currently belong to a gym. Will I still be able to do the workouts?
Yes! The only equipment you will need to do the workouts is a set of dumbbells, which can be purchased pretty inexpensively at Target, Walmart, etc. Many of the exercises also require only bodyweight! Additionally, workout modifications as needed are included in the program. 


Group calls? Sharing on a Facebook page? I don’t know about that! What’s the benefit?
It is completely normal to feel a little uncomfortable sharing at first, especially with people you don’t know! However, this is so important because it keeps you accountable as well as creates an amazing community of people cheering each other on. I am a big believer in the power of a fitness tribe, and I hear from women ALL THE TIME about how hard it is for them to find a tribe of their own in their hometowns or how their family and friends just don’t understand. I am literally handing you a tribe with this program. The benefit of the group coaching piece is that you can ask ANY questions you have about the workouts, your nutrition choices, dips in motivation, literally anything that’s on your mind — and I will be there to answer you. You get to see my coaching responses to others in the group, and no question or comment will ever go unanswered. We share wins, we share struggles, and you’ll get to share ideas, etc. By the end of the program, you will have established an instant community of new friends who “get it,” have your back, and genuinely want you to succeed. The feedback from members of my past coaching groups has been that they really loved the support and motivation from others in the program. 


How will the private coaching group differ from the Achieve It Crew community group?
The key word here is COACHING! In the Achieve It Crew, I am there to facilitate discussion, encourage connection, and act as a moderator. In the Wellness Your Way private coaching group, I am there to coach. I’ll answer questions as they come up, help troubleshoot your challenges on the fly, provide suggestions and strategies, and more. The coaching groups always get much more high level access from me since they are paid! 


What if I have more questions? 
Feel free to email me at, and we’ll get you squared away! 

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